After a lot of testing and hours of hard-work, I have developed a kernel based on the latest sources. As the name of the kernel suggests, the primary focus of the kernel is speed and performance. As a result, I have fine-tuned and optimized this kernel to perform in the best possible manner. However, I haven’t missed to look into the Battery issues of the phone. A lot of effort has been made to fix unnecessary consumption of battery along with regulated CPU usage. Further, I have worked really hard to include almost all features and fixes so as to make my kernel the most feature-packed All-in-One solution. :)

*Main Features


  • Support for kCAL Colour Control (enhances Colour Vibrance and Intensity). (available as a Screen TAB in Kernel Adiutor).
  • Up-to-date LiveDisplay Driver.
  • Support for Colour Enhancement (Updated)

Support for HotPlugs

  • MSM (Fast Lane Load)
  • Mako
  • AluCard
  • IntelliPlug
  • ThunderPlug
  • AutoSMP
  • MSM mP-Decision (Bricked)

Support for Governors

  • Conservative
  • Darkness
  • IntelliDemand
  • Interactive
  • OnDemand
  • Performance
  • PowerSave
  • SmartMax
  • Hyper
  • Wheatley
  • YankActive
  • AluCard

Support for I/O Schedulers

  • BFQ v7r7 with Hierarchical Scheduling
  • ROW
  • NOOP
  • DeadLine
  • CFQ
  • SIO


  • Support for MSM Sleeper (allows for longer and aggressive Deep-Sleep to increase Battery-Life).
  • Fixed High-Load Average from UnInterruptible Waits (reduces CPU-Load even more in idle state).
  • Support for Fast-IDLING of CPU (should reduce Power-Consumption a lot).
  • Support for Power Efficient WorkQueue to reduce Power-Consumption (available in CPU tab of Kernel Adiutor).
  • Support for Voltage-Control of CPU.


  • Support for ADRENO-IDLER algorithm (saves a lot of Battery by reducing GPU Frequency to minimum when there is less load).


  • Support for Kernel SamePage Merging (KSM).
  • Support for Swap, FrontSwap, and zSwap techniques (improve performance significantly when zRAM is full).
  • Support for Memory Compaction (improves performance).
  • Support for CleanCache Driver (improves I/O performance).
  • Support for Cross-Memory.
  • Support for zRAM compression algorithm (improves performance by saving memory).


  • Support for ARCH_Power to reduce Power-Consumption and increase Battery-Life.
  • Support for the new PowerSuspend algorithm (improves Battery-Life).
  • Support for preventing unnecessary WakeLocks (improves Battery-Life). (available under the Misc. Tab of Kernel Adiutor)
  • Support for Larch Power feature (should improve Battery-Life).
  • Support for ThunderCharge Current Control Driver v2.1 (accelerates charging by a large margin).

Optimizations and Tweaks

  • Based on the latest sources of CyanogenMod (CM).
  • Disabled CRC-Check for upto 30% faster I/O.
  • Support for FRandom RNG Driver (upto 50x faster than the default one).
  • Compiled with UberTC 4.9.4 Optimized for 64-BIT (Uber uses the latest of every component as well as increases the Battery-Life too).
  • Fixed the default value of SELinux to Permissive (allows certain apps such as Viper4Android to function properly).
  • Support for Touch-Boost and CPU-Boost.
  • Support for Vibration Intensity Control (available in Misc. TAB of Kernel Adiutor).
  • Lowest Possible CPU-Usage (a lot of tweaks have been implemented system-wide).
  • Support for various Wake-Up Gestures including D2W.
  • Disabled Debug-Info (should reduce the size of the kernel making it lighter).
  • Tweaked and Improved the Thermals of the SoC.
  • Support for HMP Aware Task Allocation (should improve performance).

The above mentioned features are just the main ones (many are omitted due to word limit), there are many more small technical changes done to improve the overall experience. By the way, the number written after the # symbol in the “Kernel Version” available in About Phone section, tells the number of times I have compiled the kernel. That number alone is an evidence of the amount of time, hard-work and patience I have applied in developing this kernel. :)

I have tried my best to make my kernel the most polished one. From minor tweaks to major improvements, everything is perfectly done. Moreover, I’ll update my kernel whenever a useful feature or new sources come out so as to make you people experience the best and the latest of everything. :)

I encourage all the people here to try this kernel and squeeze out every bit of performance from our hot-tempered Yu-Devices. :p

1. This kernel performs best when used with ROMs based on the latest sources of CyanogenMod.
2. My kernel doesn’t requires any other app except for Kernel Adiutor to control the features. Therefore, you people are free to uninstall any other Kernel-Management app. #NoHassles :D
3. The ClusterPlug Edition of this kernel will only be given to those who demand for it. :D
4. The *NEW word written after a feature indicates that this feature is NOT present in any other Kernel at the time of release. ;)

Installation Instructions
1. It is recommended to clean-flash the kernel if you face any problems such as LED not blinking, unstable frequencies, etc.
2. To download the kernel, head over to the ChangeLogs and Downloads post and select the version of kernel you want.
3. To install the kernel, just flash the .zip using TWRP recovery.

*Features may vary according to device.