Recommended Settings

These settings are only suitable for Yu Yureka/Yureka PLUS.

Use Kernel Adiutor to apply settings!

If you use “For Battery-Saving and Less Heat” setting of CPU TAB, then you need to use the “For Battery-Saving and Less Heat” setting of HotPlug TAB too.

For Balanced Performance—

1. Default Frequencies.
2. Interactive Governor for both Clusters.
3. Enable Schedule WorkQueues Toggle.
For Battery-Saving and Less Heat—
1. Min. and Max. to 200MHz for big Cluster.
2. Min. to 200MHz and Max. Default Frequency for LITTLE Cluster.
3. AluCard Governor for both Clusters.
4. Enable Schedule WorkQueues Toggle.

HotPlug TAB—
1. Don’t use any HotPlugs (for Balanced Performance).
2. Use AluCard (for Battery-Saving and Less Heat)
—Enable I/O Busy
—Min. CPU to 1
—Max CPU to 8 for Screen off and on both

Thermal TAB—
Leave as it is.

Leave as it is.

Screen TAB–
Improved Colour Enhancement is in-built in kernel. So, no need to use kCAL now. ;)

Wake Controls TAB—
As per your own preference.

Battery TAB—
I don’t use ThunderCharge as I feel that the stock values provided by YU charge the phone within a decent time. So, again, as per your own preference.

I/O Scheduler—
BFQ for both Internal and External Storage.

Leave the rest TABs as they are.

In order to reset settings to default, just Disable the Apply On Boot option of the particular TAB in Kernel Adiutor and reboot the phone. :)

ENJOY!!! :)