Yu Yureka/Yureka PLUS

micromax_yuVelocity Kernel (64-BIT) v11.1 for Yu Yureka/Yureka PLUS


  1. Re-Built from scratch i.e., the base of the kernel has been revised and improved.
  2. Switched to a new source (contains improvements to WiFi, Display, Sound, etc.).
  3. Improved Hardware CRC32 algorithm for ARMv8 (faster than the normal one).
  4. Full Support for F2FS (up-to-date F2FS Driver).
  5. Full Support for KEXEC with HARDBOOT.
  6. Improved the LiveDisplay Driver (several BUG-Fixes and improvements). *NEW
  7. Full Support for the latest version of Colour Enhancement (a new and improved implementation to make colours look vibrant with more contrast). *NEW
  8. Support for Kernel-CPUSets.
  9. Fixed implementation of C and M Gestures (earlier, there values were swapped i.e., M was C and vice-versa). *NEW
  10. Energy-Efficient and IntelliGent Task Allocation System (more of the tasks will be performed by LITTLE Cluster except for extreme loads such as gaming thereby reducing heat and saving a lot of Battery). *NEW
  11. Improved IDLE-Battery usage (IDLE-Battery Drain should be almost Zero). *NEW
  12. Improved the BFQ Scheduler with support for Hierarchical Scheduling.
  13. System-Wide tweaks to improve the smoothness of kernel.
  14. Fixed Vibration Intensity Control.
  15. Fixed WestWood+ TCP Congestion Algorithm.
  16. Improved compatibility with ROMs i.e., Torch Toggle won’t disappear after flashing the kernel. *NEW
  17. Minor BUG-Fixes and Improvements.


Download Link (Monetized. If you feel my work is appreciable and want to boost my motivation, then please use this link. It is simple, just follow the instructions. 😉 )—


  1. As soon as you click this link, a page will open with a “Skip this Ad” button at the top-right corner (shows up after a count of 5 seconds).
  2. You need to click that button which opens a new window.
  3. Now, the main thing is to close that new window before it fully loads as only that new window leads to more ads.



Download Link (Direct)—


Recommended Settings—

Click Here


Reason for removal of certain main features—
1. Governors—
Only AluCard and Darkness Governors are there. These both are Battery-Oriented ones and are regarded as the best. For performance, no governor can match the new Interactive Governor.
2. HotPlugs—
Only AutoSMP and AluCard HotPlugs are there. AutoSMP can disable the LITTLE cluster completely and AluCard can disable big cluster. So, both of these can perform all the hotplugging tasks.
3. Overclock—
After a lot of testing, I can confidently say that on Yureka, OCs don’t increase performance. In fact, they decrease it. The main reason for this is the heat-issue of SnapDragon 615 processors.

17 thoughts on “Yu Yureka/Yureka PLUS

  1. Vams says:

    Reasons for removal of features – nicely explained
    Pls add info regarding io schedulers and TCP congesstion algorithm… I have no idea which one to choose..

    BTW thanks for the update

    Liked by 1 person

  2. x] Deathrill says:

    The camera stopped working… how do i fix this… should i clean and flash again?
    And what are the settings or tweaks on the auditor for the optimum performance


  3. RamuG says:

    The file size is only 14 kp not 8.7 MB. I tried many time and not working. pls add the correct zip file to know the real velocity kernel v.11.1
    Thanks in advance FYHelp


  4. Gamer_74 says:

    Wifi not working on flyme 5.1 on velocity 11.1
    Tried moving wlan. Ko module from zip to system/lib/modules/ but its failing. Used 4 different explorers all with root access and read write permission.


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