Yu Yuphoria


Velocity Kernel (64-BIT) v11.2 for Yu Yuphoria


  1. Re-Built from scratch i.e., the base of the kernel has been revised and improved.
  2. Switched to the latest sources provided by CM i.e., the Nightly one (contains improvements to WiFi, Display, Sound, etc.).
  3. Full Support for F2FS (up-to-date F2FS Driver).
  4. Full Support for KEXEC with HARDBOOT.
  5. Improved the LiveDisplay Driver (several BUG-Fixes and improvements).
  6. Improved the BFQ Scheduler with support for Hierarchical Scheduling.
  7. Support for Offline Gestures (need to be implemented in the ROM too).
  8. Minor BUG-Fixes and Improvements.


Download Link (Monetized. If you feel my work is appreciable and want to boost my motivation, then please use this link. It is simple, just follow the instructions.😉 )—


  1. As soon as you click this link, a page will open with a “Skip this Ad” button at the top-right corner (shows up after a count of 5 seconds).
  2. You need to click that button which opens a new window.
  3. Now, the main thing is to close that new window before it fully loads as only that new window leads to more ads.



Download Link (Direct)—




For DT2W, the old script is still required. Although, I can enable it by default but then you people won’t be able to disable it. So, the functionality via the script is better.

Recommended Settings—

I don’t own the device so honestly I can’t tell what’s good. You people have to experiment yourselves. 🙂


Reason for removal of certain main features—
1. Governors—
Only AluCard and Darkness Governors are there. These both are Battery-Oriented ones and are regarded as the best. For performance, no governor can match the new Interactive Governor.
2. HotPlugs—
Only AutoSMP is there. Since SD410 is a quad-core SoC, too many HotPlugs are unnecessary. Further, AutoSMP is quite good too.
3. Overclock—
I’ll add it later. By the way, the kernel is quite smooth already. 😉